Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Woke up this morning for a 6:30 leave time and looked out the window; snow was falling. I maneuvered onto my left hand to see if I could get a view of the top of a truck outside, and felt pain. I winced. The snow was sticking.

The alarm went off, Ben got up and said “Shit.” I asked him to draw the blinds. My shoulder and elbow are fucked feeling.

I put some hemp hearts on top of my Shreddies and poured coffee into an empty bottle of vitamin water. My stomach began to cramp.

When I was on the toilet trying to stretch my arms shoulder and wrist, Ben came to the door and made a choking sound, or not a choking sound, the kind of sound people make when they do that fake slit across their throat thing as if to cut somebody off stage, or end something. At that point I knew we would not be working.

Now we are watching a TV movie where a black car is driving around killing people in the desert. The car has no driver. The car just revved a lot and disappeared. I guess it is a ghost car. Think I am going to go and find a hot tub later. Get my shovel fixed so it doesn’t twist when I do a hard C-cut.

The snow has stopped and it is only 9:15. In a couple of hours we will all feel grumpy for having to waste another day. My original feeling, upon being told we weren’t working, was relief.

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