Monday, April 27, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Half-Assed Fitzcarraldo

I have an idea for a film I think.

A film about planting.

I just got back from a run. The words "half assed fitzcarraldo" kept repeating in my mind.

A film set between new york and the cut blocks of BC. A calm film about working. A kuntslerroman, kind of, too. A film about sacrificing and alienation, about the origins of art. A film about planting paid for by planting.

I anticipate this film could be funny, and autobiographically honest. I anticipate this film would be "boring" to some, but would be taken seriously by festival commitees, good, smart critics, and people who care about art/film.

I think it will say something semi affirming about art, and the act of sharing stories, while maintaining a solid pessimism about these things too.

It will "blur the lines between reality and fiction." That is boring. It will "flatten the geographic space between the two places." It will "flatten the cultural gap between New York art world and Bush hippies." It will have an Asian lead.

I need to buy a camera when I get back to Vancouver. The images have to be "beautiful" and "inexpensive" at the same time.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm going to go, I bought a ticket. Gave my two weeks.

I have taken a Sudafed and am going to go for a run now. I am not as fit as I should be.

Reading the start of Moby Dick where he talks about how he gets a little crazy right before deciding to go to sea.

It's a drizzly November in his soul, and he has to prevent himself from knocking the hats off of passersby on the street.

Lately I have been less patient on the sidewalks, less cool. I don't know if it is a drizzly November in my soul or if I am still getting over a hangover from Sunday night.

Feel like going from manhattan to the bush to manhattan to the bush is ridiculous. Massive cultural gaps traversed. Kind of wish I had one solid thing a little more.