Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Crew

A six pack. Five planters and a crew boss (Kayla). We commute together in a Ford F350 diesel truck, listening to music and joking with one another. We also plant off of the same caches, and eat at the same table. We are together all day. This is what I know of them so far.


He is from Kelowna, though he was born in West Vancouver. His father has a PHD in Political Science and owns a bookstore. Benson likes music, and has been slowly accumulating analog studio equipment over the past several years. He says he wants to go train hopping in the USA sometime soon, and also plans on starting a record label that is loosely based on the idea of mail-art. His nose bleeds often, and once in a while he will break into a fit of giggling in which his face will go red and his voice will crack. He has the t-shaped physique of a catalogue model, with broad shoulders and an upright posture. We sometimes call him 'the swede.'


She is from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and often phrases her questions with a rise and fall in pitch that reminds me of the English. Caroline was a wrestler in high school, and is also very crafty. Here she is wearing a 'costume' she made one night in camp. She wanted the crew to create alter-ego's and plant in costume one day last shift. I am not sure what super-hero she is supposed to be. I have seen her suplex Jesse. A fourth year planter, Caroline has highballed our crew almost every day thus far. She sleeps in a camper van that she bought for $1000 last summer, while planting, and always wakes up at the last possible minute.


She lives in Parkdale, Toronto, goes to the Ontario College of Art and Design, and studies photography. This is her costume, a redundantly named superhero: aquaman-woman. Jesse is about five feet tall and is very slight. She is an amateur boxer with a record of 2-2, and she can punch quite hard. She has a good sense of humor, and is often sarcastic. In an ongoing joke, when you are with her and she sees someone behaving foolishly, she will tell you that that person is on your team. This is confusing at first – but quickly becomes an easy way to laugh and indicate your distaste towards other people. Her father is a grip.


Eric has been working at a restaurant for the past few years. He became really fed up with it, and is now more than happy to be in the bush, surrounded by people his age, with nobody to serve. He rarely gets down, and can laugh at himself when he does. He knows a good deal about wine and enjoys coffee in a mug that has a Bob Marley sticker on it. I often tease him for the Bob sticker, which he knows to be something of a hippy cliché. He just laughs. He really likes Bob Marley. At restaurants on days off Eric is extra sensitive to the wait-staff. He has a genuine concern for the feelings of those around him. His mother is the secretary at an elementary school. He can't swim.

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