Thursday, April 24, 2008

Leaving Tomorow

I don’t want to go tree planting. Hence the title of this blog, which is to serve as a record, a kind of experiential journalism.

Tree planting is a very hard job. I know this, because I have done it before. I planted for two years while I was still in college. I thought my last year would be my last year: that was in 2005.

Since, I moved to New York City to study – practically as far from the bush camps of Northern Alberta as is culturally possible. I have lived in New York for three years now, and I have what some would call ‘a life’ here, with some good friends and a nice girlfriend. This blog is for them, so that they may understand where I am, and what I am doing while I am gone. I will return in the fall.

This is also for people who are interested in planting and want to get a feel for the job before committing themselves and buying the bags. For those people, I suggest reading’s 'about' section, which this blog will help to edify.

I leave New York tommorow.

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