Thursday, April 24, 2008

Planting Videos

Here are a bunch of youtube videos that planters have posted, with my comments below them.
This first one captures the vibe pretty well:

This kid is really flying, here, but you can tell he's pushing extra hard for the camera. And he's "creaming" out the road, which allows him to go extra fast. Who kicks that hard?

The Frenchman is very smooth. His style is graceful and effortless. The person who plants the most trees in camp is the "highballer." You can hear the camera operator talking about a slash pile. A slash pile is a big stack of sticks and crap that slows you down and gets in your way.

This shit happens to everyone. Part of being a planter is being proud of all of your hurts and pretending it is all no big deal.

You have to dig your own outhouses ("shitters" in planting lingo) and refuse pits ("slurries"). It is pretty tiring. Also, this video captures a sort of spontaneous tribal foolishness that is one of the best parts of the whole experience.

This is what you do in your downtime: throw shovels into the air and hope they land sticking up. When they do, you cheer.

This is a steep block. The planter's land is called his "peice."

Complaints about bugs are eternal. Imagine never escaping that noise.

When you run out of trees, you go to the "cache" to "bag up." When you spend too long sitting around at the cache, you are "cache-bashing." When you do this frequently, you are called a "cache-basher."

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Tupperfan said...

Nice collection...this is what actually brought me here and forced me to post drunken comments on a shitload of posts (sorry...), one of those vids is mine and I personally know the "author" of another one...

Fuck, it's September and I'm missing planting already, I'm getting worse every year!