Monday, May 4, 2009

Things I have heard about Franz Otto

Planted into his late forties maybe 50's

Nominated more times than any other person for the tree planting hall of fame

Ran a company called "Puck" which failed

Has been referred to publicly as "legend" and "ubermensch"

Things I've heard

He is a badass

He is an alcoholic

He pulls stumps out of the ground with his bare hands in order to build bridges across waterbars

He has had his shoulder replaced

He has destroyed his body by planting

"I have been around camp fires where planters publicly doubted his actual existence, and claimed he was a planting urban myth."

"His numbers tripled those of the next best planter (who was far from a slouch)."

"the numbers he did back in the shovel screefing days was astounding."

"During the working day he would down jars of honey for quick energy,"

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Glen said...

It is said he slept in his cache and took his meats on the duff. Immune to pain and digits hardened like steel he could plant a thousand bareroots with a hippie stick in snarb before breakfast.