Sunday, May 17, 2009

I saw Cam Stewart - My Foreman from last year

I knew rhino was around town but I had been ducking them, thinking they would be offended that I went with another company.

I wondered if Cam would want to punch me. I saw him. He was in a truck. We spoke. I saw Chris Montagner, who is making more money than I am, apparently. Chris and I were competitive last year, by which I mean that he would defeat me occasionally in BC, and I would defeat him consistently in Alberta.

I saw all of my old crew, as well as Simon, who is running a crew at Rhino. Simon and I talked about his portrayal on my blog from last year. I think Simon is a good guy.

Saw Travis Holmes who is no longer running the turbulent times, which is too bad. My hands are bad for typing right now. I feel arthritic and hungonver. I went to a bar last night and they played that song "save a horse ride a cowboy" a few times. It was similar to other bars in other towns.

I replanted yesterday but maintained my cool and did a good job of it. I think I am growing up. Two meter minimums, 7's and obstacles don't work very well. You can't ask for all of those things - I will break the minimums. That is why I replanted. Oh well. The trees were good, are still good, I am happy about that.

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