Saturday, July 26, 2008

UPDATE: Nordegg, AB

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The final days of the Williams Lake contract were gruesome. We were waking at 5am and driving over two hours to a massive, slashy, difficult block, ending our days at six, getting back to our motel at 8pm, and cooking our own dinners using ramshackle instruments atop bedside tables. We were happy to finish there, and went up to Prince George to spend a night before traversing the Rockies for the fourth time.

The hotel in PG had a strict set of rules governing the conduct of tree planters in the rooms. We payed a 200 dollar deposit, which would be refunded at the end of the stay provided we did not play baseball in front of the building and smoked pot only near the fence out back.

We watched the new batman movie and dragged our gear out of our rooms the next morning.

We sat in the parking lot until late in the afternoon waiting for our van to be repaired, and eventually left for Alberta to work for Sun Pines.
A few years ago, Cam was involved in a vehicle rollover while working for Sun Pines, and ended up having to take the fall for the poor driving of another person. As punishment, he was barred from running a full crew on the contract, and now our crew has been disbanded. Now, including Cam, we are six - the three best planters from Cam's old crew, and two high production planters from a sister company. Cam has called us his greed crew. We are very competitive with one another.
By now, most people are very tired. Around ten people quit and left today.

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